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Omer Istanbul Dental Center’s founder and head dentist, Dr. Omer Karaaslan, interviewed the CNN Turk channel about protecting jaw bone against bone loss with dental implants and how implants are placed in bone loss cases.

What Is Bone Loss in Jaw, and What Reasons?

When we lose a tooth or do not develop, the jawbone is no longer stimulated by a chewing force and becomes unusable due to insufficient activity. So, the jawbone in the area begins to melt away over time. We call this situation “resorption,” the melting of bone in the jaw.

Symptoms of Jawbone Loss

Jawbone loss can result in the loss of chewing function and aesthetic problems such as wrinkles around the mouth and collapse of the mouth and cheeks. It may show its signs with the faster aging of the face area, making implant placement difficult as the jawbone density is insufficient.

How Do Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss?

If you have one or more missing teeth and still have sufficient bone density, you should have a dental implant immediately. Implants restore your teeth and stimulate the bone and prevent future jawbone loss by providing a natural fusion in your jaw.

Dental implant

A successful and healthy dental implant must have sufficient bone density in the implant’s area. In cases with insufficient bone density, we perform a supportive treatment called a bone graft treatment, which increases bone density.

What is Bone Grafting?

Natural, synthetic, or both materials are generally used as bone grafts. The bone graft replaces the lost bone and stimulates the jawbone to regrow, and eventually, the bone graft integrates with the patient’s healthy bone. After the bone graft treatment, dental implants are placed without any problems.

This process obtains both a healthy jawbone and new teeth with natural functions. On top of that, patients have a more aesthetic smile.
If you are also experiencing the problem of missing teeth or jawbone loss, you should apply to specialist dentists without wasting time.

We wish you healthy and happy smiles.

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