E-Max Veneers

diamond and shiny teeth

E-max crown is a treatment method used with special ceramics to give a natural and realistic smile. It has a strong structure and does not contain metal.

The application is mainly preferred for aesthetic concerns. However, it is also applied to patients with deformed and broken teeth. It is not used in all parts of the teeth. Patients who want full ceramic crown treatment are examined as the first step, and their suitability is tested.

Our patients have the opportunity to contact our clinic 24/7, before and after treatment. If you have any questions about E-max crown or any other subject, you may easily contact us by phone. With e-max crown applied by our professional dentists, you can get healthier and more aesthetic teeth.

On Which Teeth Can E-Max Crown Be Applied?

Glass-ceramic tooth has a high light transmittance. So, it offers patients a natural dental appearance. It is preferred especially for incisor teeth. This treatment may be applied when;

  • Numerous teeth need to be aesthetically corrected.
  • Disfigurement or deficiency in the protective layer of the tooth, enamel defects occurs.
  • Teeth lose their aesthetics as a result of abrasion, erosion, or attrition.
  • Malformed teeth need to be restored.
  • Malposed teeth need to be aligned.
  • Teeth do not regain their whiteness as a result of root canal treatment and color changes occur.
  • Teeth experience color change due to age, devitalization, fluorosis, and tetracycline.
  • Teeth are broken due to trauma or tooth decay.
  • Crooked teeth need treatment.
  • Teeth are stained.

Additionally, small molar teeth that do not have much force are also within the application area.

What Are the Advantages of E-Max Crown?

Also known as Empress, this treatment method is mainly optional because it offers an aesthetic improvement. Other advantages of treatment are;

  • No purple-like colors on the edges of the teeth or gums.
  • Has a high light transmission feature.
  • It does not damage the tooth structure.
  • Provides smooth tooth structure.
  • Minimizes sensitivity in teeth.
  • Rich in color options.
  • Prevents the formation of tartar to a great extent.
  • Made of lithium disilicate and glass-ceramic. Thus, it has a durable structure.
  • Fluid absorption is low.

Also, ceramic tooth offers a natural appearance Closes the gaps inside the tooth.

How Is the E-Max Crown Applied?

Empress is made using a CAD-CAM milling system. In its production, high-quality monolithic lithium disilicate blocks are used.

In its basics, as the first step in the application performed by expert dentists the thin layer on the natural tooth structure is removed. Then, the dental model is created using classical or digital systems. A full ceramic crown is produced individually for each patient.

While the prosthesis is produced, the monolithic block of lithium disilicate is cut with the help of a milling machine. As the result, the crown consists of a single block. Once the crown is produced in a suitable size for the patient, it is sent to the dentist. In the following session, the ceramic tooth is applied to natural teeth.

Sessions needed may vary depending on different elements like the patient profile. After the treatment, the dentist informs the patient about taking good care.

Do you have any question?

You can ask us any questions about this treatment 24/7.

Fequently Asked Questions

Metal crowns may cause allergic reactions in patients with metal allergies. E-max is a crown made out of special ceramics. For this reason, it does not contain metal. Which means that it can also be used on people with metal allergy.

Ceramic tooth application conforms with teeth, cheeks, and gums. It is also preferred by people with different types of allergies.

However, there is an examination process before treatment. The dentist decides whether it can be applied or not, depending on the patients.

Treatment is not preferred in patients who have multiple tooth losses. For molar teeth, metallic crowns are generally preferred. Empress is particularly suitable for incisor teeth. It can also be used in teeth that do not have much strength.

Also, the e-max crown cannot be applied in case of multiple teeth loss.

E-max crown usage time varies from person to person. If the patient adheres to the dentist’s recommendations and practices regular oral hygiene, it may be used for many years. This period extends with daily care and following the recommendations.

When caring for the full ceramic crown, dentist recommendations should be followed. As with normal teeth, the patient should pay attention to brushing twice a day and regular dental controls.