It’s everyone’s right to get healthy
teeth at reasonable prices.
OUR PRIORITY, YOUR SMILE! It’s everyone’s right to get healthy teeth at reasonable prices. Omer Istanbul’s main priority is to let you smile healthier with the right treatment. GET A QUOTE NOW

Centre For Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry

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Omer Istanbul

We are an experienced and passionate team in dental treatment.
In our polyclinic, we are dedicated to providing you the most pleasant result while reserving your comfort with our expert dentists, assistants, and auxiliary staff. Our aim is to offer you a satisfying, stress-free, calm dental treatment experience and always give you “a reason to smile”.

Our dental polyclinic is located in the heart of Istanbul, Fatih Vatan Avenue so that we can provide you the best possible service. Additionally, our Bagcilar and Esenler clinics are also at your service.

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It is possible to get a dental consultation without coming to our clinic. For this, we require an oral x-ray taken from different angles. If an x-ray is not available, we try to understand the situation by asking you questions and provide a treatment plan.
You may contact us 24/7 and ask for an online consultation.

We use the most updated equipment and we have laboratories with standards that meet our criteria. To get a healthy, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result while protecting your dental structure, we use the highest quality material available, no matter the cost.
In short, we are a clinic that gathers together comprehensive, high-quality, affordable dental treatments under one roof for all your dental needs.

The implants we use are guaranteed and quality certified. Also, each procedure we perform is under satisfaction guaranteed.

This depends on the type of treatment you need. Some treatments require 3 days while some require 12 days. Our dentist will provide you with estimated information according to your treatment.

We have three polyclinics in Istanbul, the center clinic located in Fatih. Our other branches are located in Esenler and Bagcilar.

Our branch in Fatih is a four-storey building and consists of seven units. All of our rooms are large and see the famous Vatan street.

Every floor has a waiting room and provides the all necessary comfort for patients.

Every surface in our clinic, including the dental chair, is decontaminated regularly. Tools are sterilized for each patient. All of our staff members regularly wash their hands and put on new gloves for each patient.
Additionally, our clinic implements every COVID-19 measure specified by the Ministry of Health and WHO.

Our clinic offers general anesthesia depending on the patient’s suitability and necessity.

Our Fatih Branch is only 300 meters away from the Aksaray subway station, located on Vatan Avenue, right beside Historia Shopping Mall.
Our clinic is the most accessible dental clinic in Istanbul.

Our clinic provides free transfers for patients coming from other cities or countries. And provides accommodation in contracted hotels. For the organization of such logistics-related services, we have a dedicated multilingual team.

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