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Why Choose Turkey for Your Dental Care?

Dental treatment in Turkey can be up to 70% more affordable than in many other countries.

Turkey is renowned for its world-class medical education and healthcare services.

Dental treatment in Turkey offers a unique holiday experience with natural beauty and rich history.

Turkey is easily accessible for dental patients from around the world with numerous flights.

Dental Treatment in Turkey:
Frequently Asked Questions

Turkey is a preferred destination for its high-quality healthcare services and competitive prices compared to many other countries. Additionally, getting dental treatment in Turkey often becomes an unforgettable holiday experience for international patients, thanks to the country’s unique natural beauty and history.

All healthcare services in Turkey are regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Furthermore, our clinic holds the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, which signifies additional quality and assurance standards for serving international patients. This certificate is a crucial guarantee of treatment quality and patient satisfaction.

Dental treatment prices in Turkey are more affordable than in EU countries and the USA, allowing patients to save up to 70% compared to their home countries. Therefore, Turkey has become a popular destination for dental treatment. Treatment prices are determined individually as each patient’s needs and preferences vary. Our Free Dental Consultation service provides information about a personalized treatment plan and pricing.

Turkey offers advantages for dental treatments due to a lower cost of living, a competitive healthcare sector, favorable exchange rates, and incentives for dental tourism. Alongside the quality of healthcare professionals and services, Turkey provides cost-effective and easily accessible options for dental treatments.

For international patients visiting Turkey, dental treatment is typically streamlined to be as brief as possible. Cosmetic dental treatments, in particular, can often be completed in as little as one week during a single visit. However, the duration of sessions and overall treatment periods can vary based on the complexity of the treatment and the patient’s condition. Through our Free Online “treatment planning” service, we can provide detailed information about the expected duration of dental treatments. Our goal is to help you achieve healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth quickly.

Identifying a specific city or location for the best dentists in Turkey can be challenging because there are numerous qualified and experienced dentists nationwide. Turkey is home to several top-tier medical and dental faculties, particularly in major cities, and graduates from these faculties offer high-quality services.

Patients can be put at ease during dental treatments in Turkey using sedation anesthesia. Ensuring patient comfort and safety during dental treatments is of utmost importance, and this is achieved under the supervision of expert dentists and experienced healthcare professionals.

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