Smile Design

simile design before and after

Smile aesthetics is among the highly important elements in oral care. To be able to smile carries utmost importance in every person’s life. Loss of teeth, abnormal colorization, tooth decays, and gum diseases affect a person’s social life. Issues like lack of self-confidence might occur in people with such diseases.

Therefore, many people apply for improvements to get a better smile and enhance their dental aesthetics. Following the operations, people may start behaving more comfortably in social life and smile as they desire.

In this manner, smile design may be applied to people with healthy teeth as well. These procedures, also known as Hollywood smile, are personalized. If you are looking to get a more appealing smile, our clinic offers effective solutions.

What is Smile Design?

Smile aesthetics are a series of operations carried out to improve the physical appearance of teeth and gum and gain a natural and more aesthetic look. The facial structure as well is reviewed aside from patient necessities.

Digital Smile Design

In the digital design process, there are some parameters. Some of which are:

  • Gender,
  • Facial Structure,
  • Character,

and such. Therefore, every procedure is tailor-made. Before Hollywood Smile, gum diseases and decays, if any, are treated. Following, a dental cleaning is applied.

After these, planning is carried out according to patient needs and other parameters. Common preferred methods are;

How Is the Smile Design Applied?

Smile Aesthetics application has a patient-dependent session number. The first session is also considered an examination and includes operations like:

  • Digital sizes of teeth are obtained with the help of a 3D oral scanner,
  • Photographs are taken,
  • Design, fit for the patient, is determined,
  • Digital Smile Design is done using 3Shape oral scanner,
  • When the decided design is complete, it is shown to the patient,

In the second session, some operations are applied to dental gums and teeth. Digital sizes of teeth are obtained with the help of a 3D oral scanner, and temporary teeth are used. In the final session, the design specially made for the patient is tried on, and if accepted, treatment is ended.

Since the treatment is personalized, necessary alterations can be made if the patient does not approve the final result. This is the purpose of the trying stage. If the alteration is minor, it can be done within the same session. In case of major alterations, a new session is needed.

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Fequently Asked Questions

Smile aesthetics is personalized for each patient. Therefore, patient status is primarily reviewed. Sessions depend on treatments. While in some cases, solutions are offered in one session, some may take up to a few weeks.

In the process of digital smile design, the default smile is designed using the data gathered in the first session. There are different parameters involved at this stage. Measurements are brought into a form of digital design and presented to the patient in the second session after testing. Preparation takes approximately 3 to 5 days.

Also known as the try-on session, this procedure is done when the patient-specific model is ready. A silicon pattern is fabricated using this design and applied to your teeth. After necessary inspections, the pattern is removed.

If the patient specifies certain points that they are not satisfied with and asks for re-adjustment, new patterns will be prepared accordingly. When the patient’s desired result is achieved, the design is sent to the dentist. Then, it will be applied to the patient and the process will be completed.

If the patient approves the design after the try-on, applications that will be carried out by the dentist will be explained. The patient is given another session and treatments will take place. At this stage, the patient’s smile is produced. Following the completion of treatments, the patient gets a new smile. An expert dentist will clarify points to pay attention to after the application.