Healthy Teeth Help Release the Happy Hormone

Teeth that have lost their aesthetic appearance force the happy hormone to be a captive of the prison of unhappiness. Omer Istanbul Dental Center Founder Dr. Omer Karaaslan warned, “Even a forced fake smile boosts the hormone of happiness. Those who avoid smiling due to excessive teeth wear endanger their mental health and development of brain functions.”

Studies demonstrate a close relationship between smiling and mental health and brain functions. As the research conducted at the University of South Australia reports, even a fake smile produces a mood-lifting effect and improves brain functions.

Emphasizing the profound effects of smiling on mental health, Omer Istanbul Dental Clinic Founder Dr Omer Karaaslan stated, “According to the research, the activation of the facial muscles that enable smiling induces the brain to secrete the happy hormone (endorphin).”

“Even forced smiles to trigger the emotional center of the brain. Then the brain’s expertise in imitating steps in, creating a healing impact on mental health.”

“Those who lose the aesthetic appearance of their teeth due to excessive stress, irregular diet, and smoking avoid smiling. However, the happy hormone, proven to own a pain-killing property 30 times more effective than morphine, is among the soul’s and brain’s primary food sources.”


Mentioning how, due to stress and anxiety experienced during the pandemic, there has been an increase in bruxism, which is known as tooth clenching colloquially, Dr. Omer Karaaslan made the following statements on the subject:

“This discomfort, which results in tooth wear, causes the teeth to lose their aesthetic appearance.

Over time, the tooth’s enamel wears away, and the yellow layer underneath is revealed. Those with this condition experience damage to their jaw joints and changes in their facial expressions. Early wrinkles start to appear in the mouth and chin area of the face.

The newest technologies developed in dental treatment bring health and aesthetics to teeth that have lost their aesthetic look because of excessive wear and decay.

Those who obtain extremely natural and durable teeth with zirconium and laminate veneers achieve an aesthetic smile. By regaining their lost self-confidence, they can continue their lives with confident steps.”


Noting that zirconium and laminate veneers are often favored for renewing worn-down teeth and obtaining a natural and aesthetic appearance, Dr. Omer Karaaslan added, “These veneers create an extremely natural look as they have high light transmission.

Since they do not contain metal, they can also be applied to metal allergens. Their resistant structures against hot and cold foods eliminate the cold sensitivity that is the most complained about with coatings. They provide long-lasting use with their durability.

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