Dental lip repositioning

Lip Repositioning removes a certain amount of upper gum tissue to reposition the upper lip. This procedure, which makes the gum less visible when smiling, is one of the gummy smile treatment methods and is preferred for more confident smiles. While the position of the teeth is not changed during the procedure, the lip is repositioned.

Lip positioning increases the patient’s self-confidence by ensuring that a sufficient amount of gums are visible during the smile. This procedure, which is preferred depending on patient demand, is among the most selected options in aesthetic surgery. 

Why Is Lip Positioning Operation Preferred?

It is standard for people to want healthy teeth and gums during smiles. However, the problematic lip structure prevents a confident smile even if the teeth and gums are healthy. In this case, lip repositioning is applied for patients with healthy teeth and gums. If there is a problem with the teeth or gums, this problem must first be eliminated. Then, the process of positioning the upper lip begins.

Dentist control is essential for lip repositioning to be performed. After the preliminary examination of the teeth and gums, it is possible to plan the application. The process is detailed and should be carried out with meticulousness and hygiene.

Lip repositioning before after
Before and After of a Patient Having Lip Positioning Surgery

How Is the Repositioning Procedure Performed?

The lip repositioning procedure is performed within the framework of the planning realized after the preliminary examination. The aim is to respond to the patient’s expectations and achieve visual perfection. The surgical process begins after the controls and planning are made under the dentist’s supervision.

In lip positioning procedures, the application’s sensitivity in the region is eliminated with local anesthesia. Then, within the planning framework, a small tissue is taken from the upper gingiva, and then the area is sutured.

Differences may occur in the treatment process depending on the physician’s preference and the patient’s lip structure. However, the result is always to meet the patient’s expectations.

How Long Is Recovery From a Lip Repositioning Surgery?

The distance between the upper lip and the middle column of the nose causes discomfort in many individuals. However, it is possible to obtain a healthier appearance by eliminating the negativity in the lip structure with the positioning of the lip. In this context, it is ensured that the distance between the lips and nose is between 12-15 mm, which is the ideal value.

Depending on the application and technique preferred by the physician, differences will likely occur in the healing process.

The healing process varies between 7-10 days, and the operation’s success plays a significant role in the short and trouble-free recovery period. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons of the operation very well when choosing a physician.

In addition, if you need a veneer or dental crown, your teeth can be prepared during the healing process of lip positioning surgery, thus saving time.

Is the Effect of Lip Positioning Surgery Permanent?

Since lip positioning surgery is a surgical operation, the effect lasts permanently. However, deformities in the lips due to aging and environmental factors may cause the unwanted appearance to recur. In this context, the role of lip positioning in a patient’s attempt to permanently improve their smile is significant.

Would you like to see a specialist dentist that positions the level of the upper lip? You will be able to have more confident smiles with this procedure, which will bring the perfection of the tooth structure to the forefront.

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