Thanks to the Internet, we can easily find what we need. Be it the nearest grocery store, the highest-ranked restaurant, or the best museum in the city, with just one click, we can discover anything. Of course, among the most crucial components of life is health; similarly, we conduct our healthcare research on the web.

Numerous medical tourism agencies offer cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, and dental care services; many patients need these services. Someone can mislead people in need by creating a virtual brand and signing up with a low-cost clinic. To eliminate these individuals, the Ministry of Health Turkey issued medical tourism accreditation, approving the middleman organization and the health institution a few years ago.

So, in Turkey, accreditation from the Ministry of Health is required to operate as a health tourism agency. Otherwise, carrying out health tourism agency activity is prohibited. On the other hand, some organizations that offer health tourism do not hold this accreditation.

Sadly, unaccredited health tourism organizations may disguise themselves and persuade individuals traveling for health tourism to get dental care thanks to the strength of the internet and marketing. Also, some non-accredited agencies provide low costs but are subject to several risks because they need more certification. To put it another way, they sign contracts with clinics based on what they perceive to be their low cost, and the future remains uncertain.

So, what are their possible disadvantages?

  • The medical tourist needs to be made aware of the dental treatment guarantee.
  • Who to call if something goes wrong needs to be clarified.
  • It is not even sure that the same dentist would see that patient again if there is an issue.
  • The non-accredited agencies may need more post-op information following the surgery, resulting in favorable outcomes.

In Turkey, various successful and helpful health tourism agencies are accredited. These accredited health tourism agencies are practical solutions. Understandably, patients have no issue getting in touch with these organizations. They can be found and contacted quickly.

Because agencies handle communication and transfer management, they are suitable for patients and dental clinics without a health tourism team.

These agencies can relieve specific situations, but some may deceive patients by pretending to be dental clinics. When the patients travel to get dental care, they see that the agencies have “contracts” with some clinics, but they are not actual dental clinics.

In fact, as a dental patient, you should know that the best thing to do is to contact the dental clinic directly. You may receive faster and more effective care if you communicate with the clinic. In addition, when it comes to the assurances given, the warranty provided by the clinic to the patient will be more accurate and appropriate. The clinicians will adequately understand the patient’s problem, offer a workable solution, and give a more affordable price because they don’t get commissions like the agencies. Additionally, when there is an agency, the dental clinic is responsible to the agency, and the agency is accountable to the patient for its promise. In other words, there won’t be any issues as long as the agency and the clinic concur. However, the agreement between the clinic and the patient is more crucial.

Further, if you contact a clinic directly, you will likely see the same dentist when it is time for your next appointment or check-up. However, agencies might work with multiple clinics or occasionally switch the dental clinic they have worked with. As a result, in the event of a potential complication—which can be physically and psychologically taxing—agencies may send you to another dentist. Going to a dentist you don’t know might make you feel unsafe, and your new dentist may find it challenging since they weren’t the ones who performed the treatment. Your direct communication with the dental clinic will be easier and safer. Also, seeing your existing dentist will be a more budget-friendly option, as post-op visits are usually included in the price. However, you will likely pay extra if you go to another dentist.

So, when looking for a means to communicate with the dental clinic, the best means is the clinic itself. Regarding this, clinics with a health tourism department can be a reasonable alternative for you.

In this aspect, Omer Istanbul has been delivering dental services in Istanbul for many years as a dental clinic. Dr. Omer Karaaslan, our founder and chief physician, individually attends to each patient’s request from beginning to end. He also holds membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Omer Istanbul, the company he founded, has received accreditation for health tourism. In our clinic,

  • We have a health tourism department and a multilingual support staff.
  • We can help with transportation and hotel reservations.
  • We provide immediate assistance and direct commitment to the patient because we are a natural clinic.
  • Our clinic’s founder oversees the X-ray examination of each patient because he is a dentist.

Furthermore, whereas agencies focus on various treatments, we treat teeth, and our exclusive concentration is on dental care. As a result, we can provide the patient with the best care at the best price and utilize better materials since we know what the patient requires.

All in all, patients should do thorough research and avoid agencies that offer unreasonably low prices. When comparing options, the dental tourist should consider whether they speak directly with the dental clinic or a medium business. The patient should inquire about its accreditation if dealing with a health tourism agency. Choosing a clinic with a health tourism department will always be ideal.

Dental health is essential, and so is staying away from unauthorized people. As Omer Istanbul, we wish you a healthy smile and a safe journey!

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