Many people today tend to forgo medical procedures and processes due to their astronomical costs. Mainly, dental procedures are often overlooked as many consider them to be more cosmetic than anything else.

The fact is, though, dental procedures are often necessary and preventative to avoid even more severe and sometimes life-threatening dental issues from coming up. Ignoring essential dental procedures can add up quickly and cost you much more in the long run.

Understanding how expensive dental care can be, however, many people are looking into getting procedures done in different countries. Turkey is one of the most popular countries people frequent to fulfill their dental care needs.

Why Do People Travel Abroad for Dental Care?

It is often far cheaper to get dental care procedures done abroad than in the United States and most of Europe. Whether you are looking to get veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, or other procedures, you have options to take advantage of internationally. Depending on the procedure and the country where they are looking to have their dental care done, individuals can save up to 75% in costs as opposed to what they would spend in America and most European countries.

This significant cost reduction is due to a few contributing factors: the overall cost of living and healthcare is lower in other parts of the world, and dental students pay far less for school than American and EU dentists. This makes the average cost of dental treatments far less than what many have come to expect in their country.

What are the Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism?

Visiting a new country for dental procedures is called “dental tourism.” Dental tourism has become more prevalent in recent decades, and more and more people are considering dental tourism for their upcoming dental procedures.

Traveling to a new country for your dentistry needs comes with a few pros and cons to consider:


  • Low-cost procedures and overall care
  • Opportunity to travel to a new country

Overall, it is cheaper to get your dental procedures done overseas. It costs far less money in different countries to rent space and equipment for dental procedures, train dentists and dental assistants, and all other costs associated are lower. Because of the low prices to carry out dental procedures, this trickles down to the patient’s wallets, saving them tons of money in procedure costs.

Additionally, many people who engage in dental tourism leverage the opportunity as a chance to travel to a new country. Those traveling to get a dental procedure done often combine it with a vacation, making a two-for-one trip. This helps to reason the travel price, including airfare, stay, and other amenities associated with traveling long-distance to another country.


  • Cultural barriers
  • Standards may differ
  • No in-person follow-up appointments

Though dental tourism is standard and has excellent benefits, some downsides remain.

Depending on the country you travel to, there may be some cultural barriers: you may need to fully understand your dentist or their team, making it challenging to communicate expectations and instructions on both ends. Additionally, the medical standards may differ from country to country: what is considered unacceptable or hazardous in the United States may not necessarily be a problem in another country. Before deciding on your dental tourism destination, familiarize yourself with the medical and safety standards.

Additionally, you need to have the opportunity to meet with your dentist post-procedure quickly. Should you need to have something fixed or evaluated, you will either need to visit a local dentist, or you may have an online consultation without visiting your dentist abroad. Most dental clinics are highly trained in online consultations.

Which Countries are the Best for Dental Tourism?

Many countries offer safe, affordable, and high-quality options for dental tourism. High on the list are Mexico, Thailand, Hungary and Turkey.

Each location provides experiences similar to what one would expect in the United States but for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, they are great tourist destinations for anyone looking to extend their trip into a vacation.

Benefits of Traveling to Turkey for Dental Care

Turkey is one of the best places to travel for your dental needs. Particularly in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, many people have had great success with their dental procedures for a far more reasonable cost.

According to Patients Beyond Borders, Turkey is one of America’s Top 10 destinations for dental tourism. Those who travel to Turkey for their treatments can expect to save 75% or more of what they would typically need to spend on veneers, crowns, dental implants, and other needs in the States.

Moreover, Turkey is a gorgeous country that offers many tourist opportunities. Overall, it is an affordable place to spend long vacations, making it worthwhile to book your trip for both a procedure and a holiday to follow.

Average % Saving Money in Countries For Dental Treatments

Book Your Dental Procedure in Turkey

Overall, Turkey is a premier location to get your dental procedures done cost-effectively and efficiently. Many dentists and professional offices in Turkey can safely take on your needs regardless of what procedure you are looking to have done.

Before traveling to Turkey for your dentistry needs, research to determine the best dentist’s office to visit during your stay. Ensure you are familiar with the safety and legal protocols for the optimal experience ahead of time.

Why Should You Choose Omer Istanbul in Turkey?

We use the most updated equipment and have laboratories with standards that meet our criteria. To get a healthy, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result while protecting your dental structure, we use the highest quality material available, no matter the cost.

We are an accredited dental center regarding medical tourism, and only accredited clinics can provide dental procedures in Turkey for international patients. The Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Health gives this accreditation after passing a series of quality checks, and our center has already passed this inspection and awarded this accreditation.

Moreover, we have a dynamic, dedicated, multi-lingual team that follows you before and after treatment to ensure an easy and hassle-free dental experience.

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