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The Importance of Being a Certified Medical Tourism Dental Center in Turkey


Turkey is a country that plays a significant role in medical tourism. It draws attention as an ideal country for medical tourism with its climate, ease of transportation, and health infrastructure.

It also prioritizes protecting patients’ rights who come to Turkey for treatment. Institutions that provide health services to international patients in Turkey must have a health tourism authorization certificate. This essential certificate ensures that patients benefiting from health tourism in Turkey receive safe and quality service. The authorization certificate given to clinics complying with Ministry of Health standards means that the Ministry of Health inspects the health facilities entitled to receive this certificate on medical tourism.


Who Can Receive Medical Tourism Accreditation?

The Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Health has set conditions for healthcare providers to acquire a health tourism authorization certificate. These conditions are,

  • Receiving at least 85 points from the Health Quality Assessment of the Ministry of Health,
  • Having knowledge of a foreign language and a document with international validity,
  • Documenting that they have practiced their profession at least for a total of five years, two years in the public or private medical sector in Turkey,
  • Establishment and appointment of a health tourism unit in the healthcare facility,
  • Having enough staff with foreign language knowledge in the facility,
  • Obligation to speak English for the physicians and department heads that work in the facility,
  • Healthcare providers with a certificate of authority must have a communication system that meets the demands of international patients 7/24.

The healthcare facility should have an infrastructure that is safe and comfortable during the treatment of the international patient.

The Ministry inspects organizations that want an international health tourism authorization certificate to determine whether they meet the accreditation criteria following the regulations.

Organizations that meet the competency criteria due to the inspection can receive an international health service authorization certificate from the Ministry.

Why Should You Choose an Accredited Dental Clinic in Turkey?

The Ministry of Health issues the international health tourism authorization certificate, and the government prohibits healthcare organizations that do not acquire this certificate from engaging in medical tourism activities.

Medical tourists in our country may need better treatment services when undergoing unauthorized dental clinics. Finding solutions to problems experienced during and after an unauthorized treatment is difficult.

With this certificate of authorization, the government records the health conditions and comforts of tourists. In addition, since only clinics trusted with this document can perform procedures, international patients find a more comfortable and safe treatment opportunity in accredited clinics.

Omer Istanbul is a Certified Dental Clinic in Turkey

Omer Istanbul has an international medical tourism authorization certificate that provides its equipped and high-quality infrastructure.

Omer Istanbul offers a safe dental treatment service to patients from all over the world.

Our dental clinic, which has a certificate of authorization, prioritizes the satisfaction of international patients with its staff, who are highly skilled in their fields and speak many languages.

We have a dynamic, multi-lingual team that follows patients before and after treatment, accepts international patients for treatment at every hour of the day, and meets their demands.

International health tourism authorization certificate

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