Cheikh had been struggling with dental issues for a long time. He had lost several teeth due to bone resorption, and the remaining teeth were severely damaged and discolored. Cheikh was always self-conscious and lacked the confidence to smile. One day, he came across our Instagram page and saw the life-changing results we provided. He knew he had to do something about his dental problems and decided to fly to Istanbul, Turkey, from the USA for a full-mouth dental implant.

Cheikh’s case was unique, and after a thorough evaluation by our smile specialists, they determined that the All-on-Six dental implant was the best option for him. This innovative treatment involves placing six implants in the upper and lower arches of the mouth, providing a strong and stable foundation for the replacement teeth. We used this technique, bone grafting, and membrane placement to reconstruct Cheikh’s mouth and give him the healthy and appealing smile he had always wanted.


Despite living in the USA, Cheikh traveled to Istanbul to receive the best care possible. Our expertise and advanced technology successfully reconstructed his mouth and gave him the confidence to smile again.

Benefits of the All-on-Six Dental Implants Treatment

The All-on-Six dental implant is an advanced and effective technique that can restore a patient’s smile completely. The procedure involves the placement of six implants in each arch of the mouth, providing a strong and stable foundation for a set of replacement teeth. This technique benefits patients who have lost multiple teeth or suffer from severe bone loss, providing a permanent and long-lasting solution to their dental problems.

Dr Omer Karaaslan and Cheikh

The procedure took just two visits, and Cheikh left Turkey with a healthy and beautiful smile. He was thrilled to have regained his teeth and confidence.

Watch Cheikh’s inspiring story in the video below:

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