Dental X-Ray Before Procedure Around the globe, hundreds of people are concerned about their smiles and oral health. We know you are looking for a safe and hygienic clinic at a reasonable price, and this is where we, Omer Istanbul, located in Turkey, come in.

Before we go any further, if you are looking for dental treatment for aesthetic purposes, we’d like you to know that you are charming just the way you are. However, if you have decided about your treatment or have an oral health problem, you should know the procedures thoroughly. We believe it would be nice for you to see the process objectively: an international patient who came to Omer Istanbul for his dental concerns.

The patient’s name is Romuald, and he had been in severe need of a reputable and safe dental care clinic. For an extended period, he searched all the local and international possibilities. He found our clinic and came from France to Istanbul for dental treatment. Because of his gum recession, his teeth eventually became loose. He also had shifting teeth as a result of gum problems.

Our consultant informed Romuald about the process before the treatment, as we believe that transparency is crucial. To determine what he required, his oral condition was carefully examined.

He was told about the whole treatment plan and the price based on the X-rays. The price was set before the treatment, and there were no unpleasant surprises in the following period.

Dental X-Ray Before Procedure

We conducted “full mouth implants with zirconia crowns” for him. His treatment required two separate visits:

  1. On the first visit, we extracted his shifting teeth and performed bone graft treatment for his jawbone because it was weakened and improper for the implant. Then, we placed implants and the temporary teeth he could use until his second visit. This way, he was not edentulous, and his ability to eat appropriately and physical appearance were protected.
  2. On the second visit, after three months, we placed his permanent teeth: zirconia crowns. He gained beautiful teeth, which were both healthy and functional. Because missing teeth caused the jawbone to melt, he saved his jawbone by restoring his teeth. On the other hand, if he had chosen to leave his missing teeth untreated, it would have been too late to regain his oral health.
Full Mouth Implant – Before After

There are a lot of motives behind why he chose Turkey. It is reported that people can save up to %70 on dental treatment if they come to this country. Clinics in Turkey, especially Omer Istanbul Dental Clinic, offer quality service at affordable prices. The prices are lower for several reasons, but most importantly, Turkey has lower average salary fees than Europe and the USA. As a result, experienced dentists’ superior services are more budget-friendly.

Full Mouth Implant Close Up

If you decide to come to Turkey instead of getting your treatment in your home country, you will find packages that include accommodation, language support, transportation, etc. For example, except for treatment, we provided Romuald accommodation, a few feet walk away from our clinic and reception from the airport. Furthermore, as we previously stated, every process step should be transparent, so there should be no room for doubt or uncertainty. We are aware that you will require an interpreter as an international patient.

Romuald had no language barrier because a French patient representative was assigned to him. The representative was available to him in his native language throughout the process. His pricing plan included all these services, and he wasn’t charged more.

Along these, Turkey makes scheduling appointments considerably more uncomplicated than other countries. Patients in other countries also complain that getting an appointment is difficult, that many patients are waiting in line, and that the procedure should be shorter.

Besides, you will get to know Turkey’s lovely culture, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. This means that you will receive your medical care at an affordable price, and you will be able to travel without communication problems.

Don’t forget, a smile is the best makeup, and it should be in safe hands. Our professional team ensures we are your second home, even if you are away.

Our priorities are your health, satisfaction, and trust, and we conduct each step meticulously.

Romuald’s Experience Video:

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