Mariama’s journey to achieving her dream smile is a testament to the power of personalized dental design and the importance of preserving the unique and natural features of one’s teeth.

Mariama came to our clinic in Turkey with a specific request: to preserve the natural gap between her front teeth, a feature inherited from her late father. Our team of smile design specialists understood her needs and recommended a personalized dental design approach to achieve her desired result.

The first step in Mariama’s smile makeover was to create a custom smile design that blended seamlessly with her new zirconia teeth while preserving the gap between her front teeth. We used dental measurement techniques, such as impressions and models, to create a detailed and accurate plan for her treatment.

We then used this plan to create a wax-up of her new smile, which Mariama could preview and approve before we began dental work. This allowed us to ensure that she was delighted with the final result before we started the procedure.

Once the smile design was finalized, we moved on to the actual dental work. We placed zirconia crowns on Mariama’s front teeth to improve their shape, size, and color. Zirconia is an excellent material for dental crowns because it is highly durable and has a lifelike translucency miming natural teeth.

We also placed two dental implants to replace missing teeth and complete Mariama’s smile. Dental implants are highly effective for replacing missing teeth because they provide a sturdy foundation for dental restorations and can last decades with proper care.

Throughout the process, Mariama felt entirely at ease with our team and expressed her gratitude for our hard work and dedication in giving her the smile of her dreams. Seeing Mariama happy and confident with her new smile was the ultimate reward for our team’s hard work and dedication.

Mariama’s smile makeover in Turkey restored her confidence and honored her father’s legacy by preserving the natural gap in her teeth. We were thrilled to be a part of Mariama’s journey toward achieving her dream smile and preserving her father’s memory.

At our clinic, we take a personalized approach to every case, ensuring that our patients are delighted with the outcome of their dental treatments.

We invite you to watch her video below to see Mariama’s stunning transformation and learn more about our personalized dental design approach.

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