Zirconium price in turkey

Zirconium crowns are an excellent restoration option for teeth where the tooth crown has been significantly destroyed. It offers a good chewing experience due to its excellent aesthetic properties and resistance to high forces.

The prices of zirconia crowns, a necessary and advantageous dental treatment method, are the subject of curiosity. Zirconia crown provides a successful aesthetic smile and excellent chewing function. Our dental clinic in Istanbul allows our patients to continue their daily lives immediately after treatment.

How Is Zirconia Crown Produced?

  • Teeth that are cut under local anesthetic are measured.
  • They are sent to a certified laboratory. Here the CAD / CAM system comes into play: the scanner creates a 3D model of the future tooth based on the measurements and transfers the information to the dental milling machine.
  • Then the prosthesis is coated with ceramic or zirconia layer, painted to the desired color, then finishing and polishing gets done.

Zirconia crown produced on computerized machines eliminate the “human factor” and possible errors. Computerized 3D Cad-Cam machines creates a perfect copy of the tooth. As a result, the produced crown is ideal for the patient, aesthetically more beautiful than other teeth and has a fairly natural appearance. They are not noticeable unless specifically mentioned!

Zirconia crowns are one of the best options for the restoration of damaged teeth. They are suitable for restoration of both front and chewing teeth. The popularity of this material is due to its excellent biocompatibility, reliability, and durability. Zirconia veneers can be painted to the desired color. Due to its light reflection and natural translucency, such designs are almost indistinguishable from real teeth. The smile will be beautiful and natural from every angle and light.

With Hollywood smile and smile design practices, excellent aesthetic results and desired white smiles are achieved. Due to its high biocompatibility, food doesn’t get stuck between the teeth and does not smell. Zirconia coatings also do not lose their color properties, unwanted colorings do not occur as well.

Characteristic Features Of Zirconia

Zirconium dioxide is a natural silicate material compound. Yttrium and aluminum are added to stabilize and increase its bending strength. In addition to the practice of dentistry, it is actively used for prosthetics in audiology and orthopedics. Scientific studies have shown that all the qualities of the mineral and its compatibility with the human body last in the long term. This means that zirconia is safe even for those who suffer from allergies, and the appearance of prosthetics will not change over time. Meanwhile, zirconia resists chewing forces, so the patient usually eats. This also considerably increases the patient’s quality of life.

What Are Zirconia Crown Prices In Turkey?

Dental zirconia prices depend on many different parameters. Changes may occur depending on the brands used and the laboratory that makes the product. For example, at Omer Istanbul Dental Center in Istanbul, zirconia prices are very reasonable, and our experts help you as much as possible with the necessary process and price information to suit your needs. In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, we welcome you to our clinic as soon as possible for detailed information about Istanbul zirconia prices for the zirconia treatment. After a thorough oral examination and X-ray, experts will provide you with appropriate treatment and price information.

Many options affect zirconia prices:

  • The brand of zirconia material used and in which country it is produced
  • Experience of the dentist and the dental technician providing the treatment
  • The number of teeth for the treatment, the number of fillings and root canal treatments on the teeth
  • Position of the tooth that needs a new crown
  • You can contact our experts via phone or WhatsApp to clear all procedure and price information.

How Zirconia Crowns Are Placed?

Zirconia crowns require several doctor’s appointments. On the first visit, the dentist carefully examines the oral cavity and discusses a treatment plan with the patient. If necessary, the treatment of problem areas is carried out. If there is an infection, it should be cured first. The essential filling, gum treatment, and canal treatment should be done.

Teeth are prepared for fixing prosthetics; this manipulation is called preparation. Unlike other dentures, the doctor does not need to erode much of the tooth for zirconia. The doctor then measures and seals the tooth with a temporary plastic tooth. The patient can easily continue regular life by using temporary teeth during treatment.

The finished product will be placed in the mouth and secured with dental glue at the next appointment. It is essential that a thin, durable zirconia coating is firmly attached to the tooth, completely sticks to it, and prevents the development of infections.

At Omer Istanbul Dental Center, the price of the zirconia crown depends on how many teeth should be restored and which prosthesis option is most suitable for the patient. The main parameters to be taken into account when calculating zirconia prices are:

  • Examination and X-ray by a doctor,
  • Analysis and refinement of the treatment plan,
  • Measuring and preparing teeth with cad-cam on the computer,
  • Gluing

Zirconia dental crowns are affordable and guaranteed at Omer Istanbul Dental Center. With regular medical supervision, oral hygiene, and brushing, you can forget the absence of your “own teeth” forever. A dentist should only recommend the choice of brush, paste, irrigator, and floss for zirconia crown.

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