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Implants, placed in the jawbone and allowing healthy use of the tooth for many years, are usually made of titanium and shaped like screws.

Like the rest of the world, prices differ according to the number of teeth, the material used, and the price policy of the clinic that will perform the application. The implant treatment, which is possible for anyone in good health, may also differ in price if the implant is made locally or imported.

Implant Prices Vary By Brand

The implant is a method that has been used for many years in treating teeth. Although most of society believes that there is a single brand and type of implant, hundreds of different brands and types of implants are used now. Because brands that produce implants determine prices based on production costs and the type of product used in production, each type of implant has its characteristics and prices. As in other industries, there is a significant price difference between original and counterfeit products with questionable durability that copy well-known brands.

Is the Implant an Expensive Treatment?

In society, the general opinion is that implant treatment is expensive. However, it should be considered a reasonably appropriate price, as it allows teeth to be used healthily for many years. Implant treatment is performed to end aesthetic concerns and restore a healthy dental structure when one or more teeth are missing.

It contributes to the formation of healthier chewing, fluent speech, and a more aesthetic facial and jaw structure. Implants made of titanium or zirconium also have different prices depending on the substance they are made of. Implant application costs are determined by adding the cost of implants to the prices announced by the Turkish Dental Association (TDB) each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do implant prices vary by brand?

Although implant prices vary depending on the brand, they are similar in functionality. The fact that a specialist doctor will perform implant treatment effectively determines the appropriate implant for the person at a more affordable price.

How long does the implant last?

Implants can be used smoothly as long as regular teeth and maintain their function for 20 to 30 years with periodic checks.

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