Medigma implant

One of the brands that has recently gained a reputation in dentistry, especially in implant production, is Medigma, of German origin. In this second part of our article, we would like to introduce Medigma, which was established in the 90s, by examining it.

Medigma implant systems produce titanium parts to replace missing teeth. The brand, which includes different lower and upper jaw products, offers a wide range of products. Medigma, an ambitious company, produces items it promises will have extremely high and consistent compatibility with bone, gingiva, and tissue. These products guarantee long-term use with their compatibility and prepare a suitable basis for the necessary restoration processes.

With its great precision and quality, Medigma has become one of the most ideal implants since its establishment.

Medigma offers technological advancements embedded in its implants that ensure the best level of dental tissue protection with product quality and little harm to bone and gingival tissue processing. Despite this, the screw systems’ quality, which will ensure maximum stability of the implant to be manufactured, remains unaffected.

The coating surfaces, which minimize bacterial infections, offer a non-staining system that reduces plaque uptake.

Medigma is also among the alternatives as a brand that ensures the healthy operation of the process with the support of technicians.

Although Medigma is in a segment that is not low in price in the implant market, it stands out for its quality and long life.

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