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Teeth Grinding – Clenching (Bruxism) Causes and Treatment

Bruxism treatment

Teeth grinding is a condition that occurs usually during sleep, often manifested by a dull, persistent headache or sore jaw upon awakening. Worn down and flattened teeth are also potential symptoms of teeth grinding.

Will Bruxism Go Away on Its Own?

Bruxism will not go away independently since its causes are genetics, stress, malocclusion of the teeth, sleep disorders, body posture, sleeping positions, etc.

What is the Itchy, Tingling Sensation at the Bottom of the Teeth?

In cases of teeth grinding at night or teeth clenching during the day when malocclusion of the teeth is added, there will be recessions in the jawbone and gums where the teeth sit. This recession occurs due to trauma caused by the relentless load transfer of the teeth to each other. Naturally, itching and tingling sensations arise at the bottom of the teeth in the entire jaw due to this melting and recession.

What Is The Teeth Clenching and Grinding Treatment (Botox)?

Teeth clenching and grinding are treated with Botox injections into the masseter muscle on both sides of the jaw. The involuntary clenching and grinding disappear after the bilateral Botox injection into this muscle. Botox injection is performed within only a few minutes.

How Long Does the Effect of Botox Treatment Last?

A second injection six months after the first injection is a crucial step in the teeth clenching and grinding treatment process. After the second injection, the jaw muscle gets used to the feeling of relief and maintains it. If teeth clenching and grinding are due to genetics and stress, a third injection one year later provides a long-term treatment for teeth clenching and grinding.

Is Botox a Safe Option for the Treatment of Bruxism?

Botox injection is a natural toxin that is injected in a modest quantity. This toxin injection relaxes the jaw muscles and is completely safe when performed by experienced and specialist physicians.

What Does Masseter Botox Provide Aesthetically?

Botox injection, primarily used in dentistry as a treatment for teeth clenching and grinding, also transforms the broad, square jaw structure observed in people with solid masseter muscles into a smaller, thinner, oval, or heart-shaped jaw structure. This changes the patient’s facial structure into a more aesthetic form.

Does Botox Also Relieve Headache and Joint Pain?

Botox treatment that is performed to relieve masseter pain helps to reduce and sometimes eliminate pain originating from the jaw joint or tension and migraine-type headaches.

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