Prepless laminate veneer

Most people have heard of dental veneers by now. You may have even considered getting them for yourself. For those unaware, dental veneers are thin shells made from a composite material or porcelain attached to teeth to enhance their appearance. No-prep veneers are a recent innovation that provides an additional treatment option. If you are considering no-prep veneers in Turkey, you will need solid information to decide your treatment.

What are no-prep veneers?

In most cases, before you receive dental veneers, your dentist will spend some time preparing each tooth treated. They must remove some of its outer surface to make room for the dental veneer. The dental veneer can then be bonded to the surface of the tooth.

No-prep veneers can be applied to the teeth using a faster process. They can be applied more quickly than regular veneers because removing tooth enamel requires less time before placement.

What are the benefits of no-prep veneers?

No-prep veneers offer numerous advantages over traditional veneers, including:

Less Prep Time

Before receiving regular veneers, your dentist may need to grind as much as ½ millimeters of tooth enamel away to form an impression for the veneer’s creation. With no-prep veneers, this step is unnecessary.

In many cases, a digital impression can be made of your teeth, allowing your dentist to create and install your veneers on the same day.

Better Results

No-prep veneers can enhance the appearance of stained teeth, conceal cracks or chips, and fill in gaps.

No Anesthesia

You will not require local anesthesia since your dentist should not need to remove enamel from your teeth. This is good news for anyone worried about experiencing sensitivity or having a reaction to anesthesia.

No-Prep Veneers: Types

You have a few treatment choices when it comes to no-prep veneers. Make sure to consult with your dentist about what types they offer and which is most suitable for you and your needs.


Usually manufactured by DenMat, this is the most popular type available today. Lumineers are incredibly thin and provide a natural look for your teeth and smile.

DURAthin Veneers

This type is constructed of porcelain directly bonded to the front of the teeth. The porcelain used for these veneers is extremely thin and translucent. No shaving or grinding is necessary for preparation.


Glidewell Labs manufactures vivaneers. They are extremely thin – only 0.33 millimeters thick — and durable.

No-Prep Veneers Placement Procedure:

These are the steps that your dentist will take to place your no-prep veneers:

  • Your teeth will be examined to ensure structural stability.
  • Impressions will be formed on your teeth.
  • The impressions will be used to make your no-prep veneers.
  • Your dentist may lightly etch your teeth to ensure a firm fit.
  • They will then bond your no-prep veneers onto your teeth.

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