Orthodontic treatments

A specialty in dentistry, orthodontics is a field that diagnoses crooked and misaligned teeth, tries to prevent the occurrence of such disorders, and applies treatment.

In patients with disorders like jaw dislocation, the treatment method is determined by considering the age of the person. Orthodontics can offer a solution if the upper and lower jaw structure dislocated during adolescence.

If adults have skeletal disorders, a solution is offered with the help of orthodontics and surgery. There are reasons for these procedures, apart from aesthetic purposes, which can be listed as:

  • Prevention of possible gum diseases
  • Prevention of problems in the jaw
  • Functionality in chewing
  • Treatment of speech impairment

Among the services we provide in our clinic, orthodontics is also available with online consultation using intra oral images and x-rays sent by the patient. If our patients come from a different city or country, our partner hotels may be used for accommodation. You may contact us 24/7 before and after treatment.


Also called clear aligners, Invisalign is one of the most preferred treatment methods. It is generally defined as invisible braces. It is digitally produced specifically for the patient with 3D modeling software. It is a more effective method and involves no wire in the mouth.

Therefore, patients do not experience stinging. Each clear aligner is corrected 0.5mm and then the teeth are treated. In Invisalign method, aligners should remain attached for 18 hours a day. In case of an issue, removing for 1 or 2 hours does not cause any problems in treatment. The features of the method are:

  • Does not affect patients daily life.
  • The aligner is not visible inside the mouth.
  • It can be removed during eating, drinking, brushing teeth.
  • It is made without metal and transparent plates are in a soft structure. It does not disturb your gums and teeth.

The method can be applied to both teenagers and adults.


Tailor-made by the 3M company, Incognito is a system applied to the back of the teeth. The method, which can be easily applied to everyone, is used by those who care about their appearance. However, the dentist decides on the suitability of the patient.

For the production, the measurements taken by the expert dentist from the patient are scanned in 3 dimensions. Thus, it is transferred to the digital medium to be designed in line with the structure of the lingual area. The system is specially prepared for each tooth of the person. When the production of the wire is completed, it is sent to the dentist.

Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are attached by taking support from the crochets in the mouth area and they are not directly attached to the teeth. The person does not experience any difficulty during insertion and removal. Some areas of use:

  • Slightly crooked teeth,
  • Jaw enlargement operations,
  • Simple tooth movements,
  • In the form of a placeholder,
  • Reinforcing,

The usage period is 7 months and improvements are visible through this period. It is applied both day and night. Generally, it is worn constantly, except for when eating or brushing teeth. When not in use, it is stored in a specific box provided by the dentist.

If the removable appliance is broken or lost, a dentist should be visited as soon as possible. Otherwise, the jaw structure returns to its original state.

Fequently Asked Questions

1.Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that can be applied to children, young people, and adults. However, the patient profile is considered when deciding on the treatment method. Mild and moderately crooked teeth can be treated using this method. If tooth extraction is required, Invisalign may be used; but the dentist will make this decision. Whether the Invisalign method is suitable for the patient or not is decided as the result of the controls.

2.How Often Does Invisalign Require Controls?

In this method, the control frequency is once a month. 2 transparent plates are given after each control. Patients change their plate once every 15 days. Although it can be removed 1-2 hours a day, it needs to be on at least for 18-20 hours every day. It is recommended to be removed only during eating.

3.Does Cigarette Affect the Color of Clear Aligners?

The Invisalign method uses clear aligners that are not visible. The answer to the question depends on the frequency of smoking. If the patient is a heavy smoker, transparent plaques are affected and discoloration occurs.

This applies not only to smoking but also to excessive consumption of tea and coffee. This discoloration leads to the plates being noticed while talking. However, the discoloration is not excessive since it is changed once in 15 days.

4.Does Orthodontic Treatment Affect Speech?

Speech changes can be observed for a few days after the braces are attached in the orthodontic treatment process. When using removable appliances, it may be difficult to pronounce some letters. However, speech returns to normal in a maximum of 1 week in both options.

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